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About Us

The project is jointly run by Archaeoptics Ltd and Wessex Archaeology. It was begun to test how well a laser scanner could record some of the known rock art at Stonehenge during the summer of 2002, rather than a commissioned project. Due to the interesting nature of the archaeology, the team have continued to study the data, much of it in their spare time.

Some larger scale scans were also undertaken with a Riegl 360 3D scanner courtesy of Dr Graham Hunter of 3D Laser Mapping.

The Team

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Archaeoptics is a privately held company, operating primarily between 2000 - 2006AD to provide high-accuracy 3D laser scanning services to the archaeology, heritage, visual effects and engineering sectors. Archaeoptics are based in Glasgow, Scotland. Archaeoptics now offer 3D consultancy services and 2D/3D data archival services.

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Wessex Archaeology

Wessex Archaeology is one of the largest archaeological practices in the country. Wessex was set up in 1979 just outside the medieval city of Salisbury, is also a charity, devoted to educating the public about archaeology through lectures, events and public relations.

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