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The scans taken during the project were turned into animations

Stone 53: Experiments with light

This animation shows an invisible light source circling a full 360 degrees around the scanned surface of Stone 53. This novel technique was developed by the team for this project. As the light source moves, the shadows shift, and some carvings become very pronounced, then disappear completely. This is the animation that the first of the new carvings was spotted. A good number of other interesting depressions are also visible on the animation which may or may not be badly eroded carvings. More research should be able to answer this question.

Detail of Stone 53

A virtual camera approaches the model from the left, and draws back to show the full extent of the scanned surface. It then zooms in to the famous dagger and axe, and pans across the surface, drawing back and finishing on the right of the model. This illustrates nicely the detail of the scan, and shows some of the carvings up-close.

Inside Stonehenge

The camera pans around the inside of the Stonehenge model (accuracy +/- 6mm), before closing in on Stone 53. The higher resolution model of the carvings comes into view, and a light circles around the panel, highlighting the dagger and axes.

Please Note 
It is important to stress that a complete laser scan of Stonehenge does not yet exist. The above animations represent what data has so far been collected.

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